What is the BuzzyPedia?
The editors of BUZZYPEDIA have one thing in common: we are the consummate consumers. First of all, we love to buy gadgets and electronics, we love the newest and latest technology. But that is not all, we also love to read up, research, investigate and analyze before, as well as after any major purchase. Basically we do our homework, especially before shelling out the big bucks.

Our family and friends know that about us and consequently always come to us for help and advice on their next purchase. We realized that collectively we were sitting on a lot of helpful knowledge. So we thought, why not put that knowledge and experience in writing, so that friends, family or anyone for that matter can refer to it when necessary? And that is why we started the BUZZYPEDIA.

In all honesty, the BUZZYPEDIA isn't much yet, it's a Pedia in progress so to speak. But we have much in store to share with you and we feel comfortable enough referring to it as The BUZZYPEDIA already.

Our goal is for BUZZYPEDIA to be the resource for "how" to buy, not "what" to buy or "where" to buy it. We will just provide you with Buyer's Guides and reviews which will cover most of the things you need to know to at least make an informed purchase.


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